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There are no special issues to installing Ultrasonic Antifouling to Super Yachts, it’s a simple consideration of the larger underwater surface area and larger sets of stern gear requiring the correct number of transducers to afford the benefits of maintaining hull performance, more efficient passage times and saving fuel by reducing drag on the hull. It can take up to 30% more fuel to push a fouled hull through the water! Furthermore, by extending the time before the next lift or dry dock is required, saves significant costs and provides more operational time for the owner.

NEW PRODUCT FOR SUPERYACHTS –  The UltraSystem PowerPlus is specifically designed for larger hulls where a greater underwater surface area and thicker hull constructions benefit from increased ultrasonic output.  Using a single high powered control unit, this advanced and unique system delivers twice the ultrasonic output* to three or four transducers simultaneously, making it the most powerful and advanced system available for superyachts.
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*compared to the UltraSystem Series II

Recommended System Configurations

A superyacht from 28m to 38m (LWL) requires the installation of eight transducers in a configuration as shown in the drawing below.

28m to 38m LWL


Hull length (LWL) and minimum number of transducers required…
22 to 28m (LWL) – 6 transducers
28 to 38m (LWL) – 8 transducers
38 to 54m (LWL) – 12 transducers
54 to 70m (LWL) – 16 transducers
70 to 86m (LWL) – 20 transducers
86 to 100m (LWL) – 24 transducers

Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd provide a custom design service for yachts requiring multiple transducers.

Its application in sea chest systems on Superyachts is also proving beneficial at maintaining a clear water flow to critical on-board systems.

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Please contact our technical sales team with your yacht details for more information.