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7m yacht – Mar Menor, Spain

Report dated Sept 2017 from Peter in Spain

We bought our Ultrasonic antifouling system in 2012 and have not looked back since.

We have two 7m day yachts moored on the Mar Menor in Spain, south of Alicante. Spain. The Mar Menor is a salt water lagoon with only two channels into the Mediterranean, it is about 6m deep, with high water temperature and salt levels, making it ideal for the growth of algae and barnacles. Typically in just over a year the growth is so bad that it was difficult for the boat to react to the rudder, resulting in a very sluggish boat. A year after fitting the Ultrasonic system the change was enormous, growth was reduced to light barnacles on the water line and a very light growth under the water line. All were easily removed with brushes and wooden scrapers’ made from modified beach ball bats. We now try to take the boats into shallow water and clean them every six months, this is a relatively easy job as the growth is very light and easy to remove. Eighteen months ago we treated the boats with ‘Coppercoat’ antifouling, with both systems working together it is now easy to keep the hulls clean and free from barnacles.