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Birchwood 49 – Chichester Harbour, UK – OVER TWO YEARS IN THE WATER!

Hi David

Sorry for the delay, I have only just downloaded the photos from James’ phone. The quality leaves something to be desired (especially in the reduced email version). We also have some video of the lift.


“We are delighted with the Ultrasonic system that we fitted to our boat over 2 years ago. It has performed even better than we had hoped! Our boat has remained on her marina berth for over 2 years without being moved at all (due to illness & family commitments) & we have had 2 short cruises in the last month. When she was lifted there was only a very slight film on the hull which washed off incredibly easily & some weed along the waterline, which under normal circumstances we would have scrubbed off. There was a small amount of the dreaded “worm” on the rudders, props & trim tabs, but Chichester is notorious for worm infestation & the rest of the hull was completely clear.”

Best wishes
James & Carole Dean

19 August 2010

birchwood1 birchwood2 birchwood3