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Seaco 1100 ‘Juicy Lucy’ – Port of Poole Marina, UK

Dear Nick,

I wanted to voice my complete satisfaction with the ultrasonic system your company installed last May, after she was launched with just a single coat of Hempel Hard Racing on the hull.  During the season I noted the drives looked much cleaner than usual once we had reached our destination, albeit only a short trip into Studland Bay on most occasions, so I knew your product was working in some positive way. The biggest surprise came on the day of the annual lift, after the boat remained on her berth since November to early March without being used whatsoever.

Before making our way to the Cobb’s Quay for the lift, I could see the drives looked somewhat fouled and there was a little more of the brown fluffy stuff around the sides of the hull.  You can see in the picture the state of the drives!  On the way I took her for a run up through the Harbour, no speed limit this time of year and it was nice and calm.  At first you could sense the boat struggling to get onto the plane, engines were working hard but not surprised as this was quite normal if she sat around not being used for a while, but within a couple of minutes or so, she was skimming along at 33 knts just 3 knts short of her top speed, now that’s a great recovery!  In previous times, she would only reach 28 knts thereabouts at the end of a season!!!

The pictures of the lift say it all really, the parts of the hull and lower areas of the drive units that receive the most force of the water, have been cleaned of the weed.  The ultrasonic unit clearly stops it from attaching too aggressively on the drives, but the best result is clear to see on the hull.

I expect I have saved a fair amount of money on fuel, not that I have worked it out, but with the system working in this way, it can be expected.

Thanks to you and your team Nick, I’ll certainly recommend you without hesitation.

With best wishes,
JL - stern drives fouled in water

JL - stern drives before wash off  JL hull before wash off