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Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd Launches the Ultra Series II

Following considerable design development of it’s much praised antifouling system, Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd (UAL), the world leader in the use of ultrasonic technology for the prevention of underwater fouling, has launched the highly advanced Ultra Series II.

Series II is a design engineered system to incorporate a professional streamlined control box with watertight plug connectors and aa new low profile transducer which can be disconnected from the cable for fittiing.

This much improved system makes installation quicker and easier.

Although greatly improved, the new system will cost even less, making the Ultra Series II highly cost effective, as well as being the most efficient ultrasonic system on the market, as shown by long term, independent testing.

To reflect the different hull configurations which can be protected by the Ultra Series II, the system is available as separate Sail or Powerboat versions.

Both models have exceptionally low power consumption, peaking at just 0.7 amps for the Ultra 10 and 1.1 amps for the Ultra 20, while the new Sail model has a built in isolator switch allowing the system to be deactivated at night, or when sailing, to conserve even that small battery usage when critical. Ultra Series II can also be powered by the purpose designed UAL Solar System with its intelligent dual switching which allows excess solar charging to be directed to the batteries when not needed to power the Ultra system.

Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd.’s Director, Nick Griffin, stated “The new Ultra Series II incorporates all the advantages of our original system which has proven itself to be highly effective and reliable over the last 4 years. The new system is far easier to install, more streamlined and features extremely efficient transducers which are custom designed for our system.

We are confident that Ultra Series II will develop the ultrasonic market even further and help boat owners to drive down their annual costs by cutting lift-out and repainting costs and dramatically reducing the amount of work needed on hull preparation each season. We are very excited about the new Series II and look forward to expanding our dealerships and fitting centres throughout the World”.

Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd now has an Ultra Series II system suited for every type of hull, ensuring owners enjoy their boating to the full with minimal yearly labour and cost.

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