Do I still need an antifoul paint?

The Ultra system does not rely on any other products to destroy bacteria and algae cells that exist in the water that want to attach to the hull causing weed and barnacle growth.   We suggest the system is used in conjunction with antifouling paint, old or new, depending on its condition as the system will not prevent the hull from natural staining nor enhance the boat’s appearance.

Most boats are already antifouled, we do not ask people to remove it as it is really not necessary. It is generally not recommended within the marine industry to leave a bare hull in the water for long periods. For example, the gel-coat of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) hulls may look smooth to the naked eye but has microscopic imperfections which allow particles to penetrate and remain even after a high pressure wash. A painted hull closes these imperfections in the gel-coat and although an old paint becomes inactive against fouling, it will continue to naturally wear on the surface and when used in conjunction with our Ultrasonic Antifouling system, it is the more effective combination and one that makes a significant difference to fouling on your hull. After all, you generally want to have a hull that is clear from growth and performs efficiently throughout the season and without the need to spend weeks every year, rubbing it down and repainting out of necessity and still losing performance through growth early on in the season. Re-painting therefore can possibly be reduced to once every 3 – 4 years.