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Botnia Targa 31 ‘Freyja’ – Cobb’s Quay, Poole, England

botniatarga31freyja_1I recently lifted ‘Freyja’ a 31ft Botnia Targa after 10 months in the water and I am extremely pleased with the results.

My main concern was the fouling on the two stern drives and whether the Ultrasonic System would help these, but I took the recommendation to install two transducers and can say that the drives were considerably better than they were previously after 6 months in the water.

The hull was incredibly clean, just some growth around the sides which I was told to expect. This would account for the fact that the boat had not lost any significant performance.

I only repainted the water line while the boat was out to give a fresh look and my wife is very happy with not having as much work to do with our annual hull work. Normally I would expect to anti foul the hull approximately every 10 to 11 months and lift in between for a power wash. I intend now to keep the boat in the water continuously for the 10 to 11 months and then only refresh the waterline and any other worn areas as required.

What a great product!

Tim Topper.

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