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M/Y JEMS – Antibes, France (sea chest protection) – second report from the engineer

Latest feedback from they yachts engineer…

I took over the vessel from the previous engineer and he had installed the Ultrasonic Antifouling system to the sea chest of the vessel. At first I was sceptical as to what effects it would have if any, I soon realised from previous vessels of this size that the system works well in several ways.

1. Cleaning of the sea strainers which is normally a 2 to 3 week job has turned into an 8
to 10 week job allowing me to concentrate on other items around the vessel.

2. The effort required to clean the sea strainers is next to nothing as the actual marine
growth is minimal, if the water ways had less rubbish I am sure I could wait for
another 4 weeks.

3. The unit is small, maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

I have recommended this to many people and continue to do so as this is a great product and I am now fitting another unit to the main sea chest to reduce the yard periods in the required removal of the piping every 2 years.

Being an aluminium vessel it is very hard to find a good product that does not impress current in the hull and have the risk of creating corrosion.

This is a great product.

Wayne Whitby
Chief Engineer M/Y JEMS