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Bavaria 32 yacht ‘ Grace’ – Fleetwood, England

“When I fitted the Ultra 10 dual about 4 years ago I was expecting to have to continue lifting out, cleaning and re-coating my antifoul every year, and would have been happy just to have less to do when cleaning. However, after fitting the Ultra 10 the boat was in the water for another 18 months before I got around to doing this. I was amazed to find that I could put my scraper down and just wash the slime off that is a feature of our coastal water. Even on the patches where the antifoul had completely eroded there was no build-up of little nasties. The only place there was a build-up was the propeller, and await any developments

Not quite believing how effective the Ultra 10 was I repeated the lift out procedure another 18 months later without having applied any further antifoul. Once again it only required a wash. As I can replace both anodes as well as clean the propeller whilst in water I fully intend leaving the boat in for the foreseeable future. This is going to save me time as well as a lot of money on lifting and antifoul!

I’ve had no hesitation in recommending the product to fellow boat owners whilst they are lifting and scraping.”

Jon Cass (owner)