Box Coolers

The problem of bio-fouling on box coolers…

Fouling of the box cooler tubes reduces the efficiency of cooling the liquid/medium flowing through.  The SonicPRO high-power output ultrasonic antifouling system is designed to keep box coolers clear of algae, barnacles and mussels to maintain their optimum cooling performance for the vessel’s critical onboard systems.

There are no expensive anodes to replace, no drilling of the box cooler lid and no specialist installation required compared to impressed current systems.  All parts of the ultrasonic system are fitted on the dry side of the box cooler and its sea chest compartment without modifications.  This avoids the need for any additional surveys and costs for classification documents.

SonicPRO is an environmentally friendly solution, no toxins or metallic compounds are released into the seawater.

  • The UltraSystem SonicPRO is a cost effective and reliable alternative to impress current/cathodic systems.
  • No expensive anodes to replace and no corrosion issues.
  • Long life system, more than five years.  Systems successfully in operation for over 10 years!

Recommended configurations



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