The benefits of using UltraSonic Antifouling’s advanced technology to prevent fouling

Clear sea chests, clear pipework and efficient box coolers...

  • Prevent blockages to maintain raw water flow to engines and other essential on-board systems.
  • Save on maintenance: reduce need for regular cleaning of strainer baskets and shutting down the cooling system to clean and unblock seawater cooling pipework and manifolds.
  • Maintain efficiency of box coolers and reduce cleaning frequency of tube bundles and sea chest box.
  • No galvanic action: just ultrasonic sound waves, so will work on aluminium piping more prone to galvanic corrosion with anode systems.
  • Maintenance free: compared to Cathelco system requiring anodes to be replaced.
  • Long life: transducers are guaranteed for five-years, but will provide protection for over 10 years.
  • Simple Installation: All components of the system are installed inside the vessel, no dry-docking or thru-hull penetrations required, thus avoiding the need for additional surveys and costs for classification documents.

Clear hull...

  • Better Hull Performance: Maintain hull speed with faster passage times and greater manoeuvrability.
  • Reduce running costs: Save on Fuel costs and save on Service costs, less drag is less load on engines and appendages. A fouled hull can result in up to a 30% increase in fuel consumption!
  • Extend time before next dry-docking and re-coating: With the UltraSystem installed helping to maintain the hull speed and performance, the need to dry-
    dock and re-paint the hull where it has become fouled when using only an antifouling paint, is dramatically reduced.

Ultrasonic is cost effective and good for the environment. A biocide and copper free solution…. no pollution to our oceans!