Ultrasonic Antifouling Protects Military Landing Craft

miliarylandingcraftThe UK Ministry of Defence has selected world-class Ultrasonic Antifouling technology to help maintain the performance of its LCVP MKIV landing craft.

Ultrasonic Antifouling – the world’s leading brand of electronic antifouling technology – has been chosen as an MoD supplier after a series of successful maritime tests.

Ultrasonic Antifouling uses electronic sound pulses to inhibit barnacle and algae growth on the underside of boats – maintaining maximum hull speeds and significantly cutting their fuel and maintenance costs.

Three LCVP MKIV landing craft were each fitted with three transducers, protecting not just their hulls but also their sizeable stern gear.

Earlier this year, the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service also installed Ultrasonic Antifouling technology on one of its vessels tasked to patrol the coast off the country’s Northern Territory.

Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd Director David Sothcott said: “We are very pleased that these organisations are using our products and have gained such success from them.”

Ultrasonic Antifouling’s proven technology is currently sold in more than 50 countries, helping sailing and motor boat owners to boost their vessels’ performance while reducing costs.

The company will be demonstrating its technology on stand G004 at the UK’s Southampton Boat Show, September 10-19.

The antifoul benefits of the system include:
complete hull protection – boosting long-term performance
faster hull speeds throughout the entire season
lower fuel bills and fewer costly lift-outs
less hull-scraping, repainting and antifouling removal
one-time ‘fit and forget’ installation with no through-hull drilling.

Ultrasonic Antifouling protects the entire underwater hull area of a vessel, helping to keep stern gear, water intakes, bow thrusters, impellers and trim tabs free from barnacle and algae growth.

miliarylandingcraft_1The highly respected Motor Boat & Yachting magazine has named Ultrasonic Antifouling Product of the Month with a five-star MBY rating by following a long-term test on one of its vessels.

Ultrasonic’s marine antifouling system is very simple to fit and use:

  • Transducers are bonded to the inside of the hull with no through-hull holes needed. Detailed instructions make fitting easy.
  • A control box sends pulsed ultrasonic signals to the transducer(s) which emit low power sound waves that are virtually inaudible.
  • These high frequency sound waves create a wall of moving water molecules over the hull surface, killing algae and preventing barnacle growth.

While this technology is new to the marine sector, it is well proven in stopping fouling on water intakes in lakes, ponds and reservoirs where its non-toxic qualities are essential. It has been used in this sector for at least 25 years.

Ultrasonic’s antifoul technology comes in three models – the Ultra 10, the Ultra 20 and the Ultra Solar. Each comprises a control box connected to either one (Ultra 10) or two (Ultra 20) transducers, depending on boat size and type.

Ultrasonic Antifouling also offers a customised design service for more complex installations involving superyachts, trimarans and commercial vessels.

ultrasonicfoulingnamedingreenawardsTo manage the system even more effectively, Ultrasonic Antifouling has also added some clever technology; the new Ultra 10 Dual Voltage, the Ultra 20 Dual Voltage and the Ultra Solar.

Ultra Dual Voltage will automatically switch between different power supplies, choosing the best option; favouring 230v mains supply, thus preventing the unit from being accidentally switched off.

If you have a pontoon berth and your shore power cuts out for any reason, Ultra Dual Voltage will automatically switch to your boat’s battery so the antifouling effect continues uninterrupted.

And when you return to your berth or the power is restored, the system will automatically switch back to shore power – making Ultrasonic Antifouling a ‘fit and forget’ no maintenance system.

If you don’t have shore power or are on a swinging mooring, Ultrasonic Antifouling Ultra Solar allows you to reap the full benefits by controlling power between solar panels, the battery and the transducers.

Its intelligent solar unit keeps your battery healthy and provides the Ultrasonic Antifouling system with the correct amount of power (solar panel not supplied).

With tried and tested, non-toxic science, environmental credentials and clever technology, Ultrasonic Antifouling is a permanent fit-and-forget answer to hull contamination.

New lower prices (inc UK VAT) for the Ultrasonic Antifouling range:
Ultra 10 System, single transducer – £949
Ultra 20 System, twin transducers – £1,799
Ultra 10 Dual Voltage System, single transducer – £999
Ultra 20 Dual Voltage System, twin transducers – £1,899
Ultra 10 Solar – £1,499
Ultra 20 Solar – £2,349
For more information or to become a dealer, meet the Ultrasonic Antifouling team on stand G004 at the Southampton Boat Show, September 10-19, or contact Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd, +44 (0)1202 606185,