Sea Chest and Seawater Pipework Protection

The problem of bio-fouling in sea chests and seawater pipework.

The attachment of marine growth such as bio-film, barnacles and mussels leads to partial and complete blockages in the seawater cooling system.  This has a dramatic effect on engine running temperatures, increasing fuel consumption.  Other critical on-board systems vital to a yacht’s effective and safe operation are also affected by a reduced flow of seawater.  Removing blockages can be time consuming and expensive, especially where sections of pipe need removing for cleaning or replacement due to excessive corrosion caused by marine growth.

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Bespoke engineered transducers and transducer brackets to suit the diameter of any strainer housing and pipe dimension, maximise sound wave transmission by achieving 100% transducer contact to a curved surface.

What engineers have been saying…~
“Cleaning of the sea strainers is usually required every 2-3 weeks.  This has been extended to 8-10 weeks, allowing me to concentrate on other items around the vessel”
Chief Engineer M/Y JEMS – Heesen 44m Motor yacht, Antibes, France.

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