UltraSystem PowerPlus - high power output system

100% more ultrasonic output per transducer!
The ultimate in ultrasonic protection for motor and sailing yachts over 18m and all Superyachts

PowerPlus Control unit - delivers exceptional ultrasonic power and protection

The UltraSystem PowerPlus delivers more than twice the ultrasound output to each transducer when compared to our Series II systems, which still remains to be most effective market leading system in its power category to offer owners an effective solution against underwater fouling.
PowerPlus is primarily designed for commercial vessels and superyachts where protection against bio-fouling is required for internal sea chests, strainers, box coolers and the external hull.
PowerPlus delivers a higher output for the ultimate level in protection to either 3 or 4 transducers simultaneously. With all transducers operating at the same time, this provides a greater concentration of ultrasound resonance for greater effect.
PowerPlus uses a wider range of key frequencies between 20 – 140Khz which is unique to the UltraSystem.
The UltraSystem’s unique and advanced digital control program has been developed in a collaboration with engineers and marine biologist at some of Europe’s leading universities.

  • No complicated setting up or programming is required, the system runs its own automatic initialisation procedure when used on GRP, steel, aluminium and carbon fibre substrates
  • PowerPlus incorporates integrated cooling for an efficient, stabilised operation and increased component longevity
  • LED status lights indicate the system’s operation status for clear and simple user checks

The UltraSystem is developed and manufactured in Europe to very high standards to ensure product longevity and effective results.

S2 Advanced Hull Transducers

Design engineered housing and pre-threaded mounting ring allows superior contact of the transducer face directly to the hull to ensure efficient and effective resonance of ultrasonic sound waves.
The new low profile design is the most compact transducer on the market without compromising performance and the required positioning for the best installation.

  • IP68 waterproofing to 10m.
  • No fixed cable making installation very easy and straightforward.
  • Series II transducer is the most efficient and effective transducer available today.

M10 transducer for Seawater pipework and strainers - pipe bracket

Based on the advanced hull transducers, the M10 transducer connects 100% to our engineered pipe brackets to maximise the solid contact area to pipes, strainer housings and manifolds to ensure the efficiency of the ultrasonic sound wave output. Brackets are engineered to suit the specific diameter making the installation and sound transmission effective.

In use on a number of commercial vessels and superyachts, the UltraSystem is proving to be effective against bio-fouling in internal systems, reducing the need for regular cleaning and maintaining the flow of cooling water to critical on-board systems.


  • Sea box inlets
  • Filters / Mud-box
  • Manifolds / Crossover pipe
  • Sea water pipes


The UltraSystem PowerPlus control unit is supplied with a two year warranty, while our advanced transducers have a 5 year warranty. This is attributed by the reliability of our systems, the high build standards adopted at our own manufacturing facility in Europe and not being limited to other third party warranties.

Furthermore, our clients can expect continued support and service during and outside the warranty period worldwide.

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The installation of the UltraSystem PowerPlus is very simple and can be undertaken by any competent engineer.

The designed engineered features of the transducer, its mounting ring and pipe bracket provide ease of installation. Waterproof cables and connectors simply connect to the transducers and control unit.

The control box simply mounts on a convenient bulkhead or systems panel, while the cables for both power supply and transducers simply connect to the sockets.

No complex configuration is necessary as the UltraSystem automatically runs its initialisation procedure and provides the required output of effective ultrasonic protection.