How UltraSonic is installed with cored hulls

If your hull is core constructed the system will work, but the transducers must make direct contact with the outer hull skin. Therefore, some additional installation work will be required by a glass fibre hull specialist / shipwright to remove a small section (approx. 5” / 125mm dia.) of the core material to expose the outer skin. This section should then be filled solidly with laminate and epoxy resins to reinforce and seal this small section of the hull. This newly prepared area can then be sanded to a flat and smooth surface to bond transducer’s mounting ring in the normal way. This process is no different from that undertaken or recommended by boat manufacturers and marine professionals for installation of thru-hull fittings in a cored hull. If you have any questions or concerns relating to your hull type, please contact our technical staff or your local marine professional qualified in this field.