Trouble Shooting Guide

There is no output from the Ultra control unit!

  • Check LED status lights – Green ‘Power on and start of new frequency cycle’ and Red flashing ‘Frequency output’ – both should be on.

If no green LED on…..

  • Check DC battery supply and any fuse or circuit breaker fitted.
  • Check AC power supply and any fuse or circuit breaker fitted.

Growth is attaching and the control box is operating (Red and Green LED lights are on) !

  • Can a clicking sound be heard at the transducer? The clicking sound indicates an output from the control box to the transducer.
  • Has the transducer become loose, can it be turned down anymore?
  • Is the transducer making good (100%) face contact with the hull? Is there any debris or epoxy inside the mounting ring area preventing this?
  • Was the inside hull surface prepared correctly to a flat and smooth finish with either the laminate or bare metal exposed?
  • Is there any gel on the transducer face? Is there too much? (a skim/thickness of approximately 0.5 -1.0mm is recommended)
  • In the case of fibreglass hulls, is the area below the waterline a balsa/foam cored sandwich construction? If yes, the inner core here should be removed to expose the outer skin.
  • Is the transducer off the centre line and away from other areas of the hull which have strengthening boards or additional layers of laminate applied to support equipment attached to the hull i.e. ‘P’ brackets, sail drives etc. If not, establish a suitable position following our guidelines.
  • Is the transducer too close to a stringer and on the material that bonds it to the hull? If yes, reposition away from this area.
  • Is the unit getting a reliable power supply – battery going flat, power failures or shore power being unplugged?

If you can not resolve any issue you have or require further assistance, please contact us.

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