No Power? No Problem

The benefits of the Ultra System can easily be achieved by the use of solar power where the vessel has no access to a shore power facility on its berth to maintain the battery level.  The Ultra Solar Charger is a stand-alone system, specifically designed to control the power between solar panels, battery and the Ultrasonic Antifouling system.

The intelligent unit keeps your battery in good health and provides the Ultrasonic system with the correct amount of electrical power.  According to the voltage of your battery the controller will adjust the charge current and decide if it needs to supply the electrical loads.

Ultra Solar was developed as a result of feedback from boat owners who wanted to install and benefit from the Ultra System, but were unable to due to lack of a suitable power supply.  In response to that demand, the Ultra Solar is a solution that makes the system available to all boats.

If your boat already has solar panels or even wind generators installed of sufficient capacity, then you simply install the Ultra system in the normal way, connected to the 12 / 24v dc power supply.

Solar Ultrasonic

The Ultra Solar is available on its own or as a package with either the Ultra 10 or Ultra 20 Series II systems.

Ultra Solar Characteristics:
1. Overload protection
2. Short circuit protection
3. Reverse current protection
4. Reverse polarity connection protection
5. Lightning protection
6. Over discharge protection
7. Prevents current drain from the battery to the solar panels over night.
8. Temperature compensation

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