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Arabella – Carter 30

This is one of our own boats that was fitted with an Ultra 10 system ‘One year’ after having been launched with just conventional antifouling paint on it.,…

The system was installed to establish how quickly it would kill all of the existing fouling and was lifted just eight weeks after the unit was fitted.

As you can see the fouling was reduced to a slime and it came off very easily with just a pressure wash….
Over the period that it was on it’s marina berth in Poole Harbour, the boat hardly moved and so did not benefit from any movement through the water which would have removed a fair proportion of the dead fouling.
There were barnacles on the base of the keel as a result of the boat sitting in the mud at low water times, but these also came off with the pressure washer and required no scraping or chipping and the boat can be re launched with no further work to be done on the hull.
As you can see from the pictures, you don’t need to have the boat lifted and cleaned prior to fitting the system…You don’t either have to have any special coating…. Arabella just had it’s normal antifouling paint… The system will start doing it’s job from the moment it is switched on….

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