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SY Kaizen – Oyster Yacht – Med and Atlantic

“We self installed the Ultra 20 on SY Kaizen in Italy in April 2019 after our annual antifoul. The unit has performed flawlessly 24/7 since. Our next hauled was 18 months later, in October 2020, as we prepared to cross the Atlantic from the Canaries. The hull was clear of any hard growth and so clean that the yard voluntarily reduced our pressure wash bill to a minimal amount. We could see various vintages of antifoul on the surface of the hull so we are certain that the majority of the protection was being provided by the Ultra 20 rather than the eroding antifoul. We have been so impressed with the performance and the ability to prolong the time between lifts and antifouling that we are fitting the Ultra 20 on our new yacht.” SY Kaizen

Kean Chung – owner

Lift out before scrub

Before scrub

Hull scrubbed