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Yacht Absolutely – Australia

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I have a Bertram 35 and we fitted the device in August. The boat was previously antifouled in Sept 2007. At the time of fitting the unit we had weed on the waterline and other boat owner’s near us had divers cleaning their hulls.After a month we took the boat out and when we came back all the weed was gone.Subsequently we slipped the boat in Sept and the hull was clean. The shafts and trim tabs had molluscs on but they were already attached from last year.

We cleaned all the shells off the metal work, high pressure cleaned the hull and only added antifoul to the water line which was more aesthetics than any other reason. No other antifouling done. We did a dive on the boat last weekend and the hull and metal is clean. In past we constantly had to clean the trim tabs as the paint just washes off and the weed and shell life grew quickly. “The product works”.

Another friend who has a Riveria 42 is achieving the same results.