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Channel Islands

Good morning David,

Sorry for the delay. Been of the Island and only returned to work this morning.

Here are a few lines about the unit and what we have found out and noticed about it.

We have been using the Ultrasonic Antifouling system on our workboat for the past year and have noticed that it has a significant affect on the reduction of build up from marine growth, especially on crustaceans and seaweed that attach to the hull during the season.

In the Channel Islands we suffer from heavy fouling of the hull and have to lift the boat up to 3 times a year for power washing and re-coating the conventional anti-foul paint.

With this system we have found that it still requires anti-fouling but just once a year and has eliminated the need to lift the boat out during the season saving valuable time and money.

The system is easy to install even for the average person and with less growth the performance is not decreased and fuel efficiency is at its highest.

Hope this can be of some assistance to you.

Kind regards

Fox Marine Services
Jersey CI