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Raffles – Gosport, UK

About 18 months ago not long after purchasing my boat I was bemoaning the fact that I had spent the last 2 days cleaning the hull, props & shaft to prepare the hull for antifouling. We were having a bacon butty and a cup of coffee down at Davis’s Boatyard when one of the other boat enthusiasts introduced me to David Sothcott who had this “Ultrasonic Antifoul Unit”. It sounded almost too good to be true but the thought of not having to spend time & £ every year getting the bottom of the boat clean was appealing. I purchased a mains powered unit and installed it, in the wrong place, but after getting advice from David and repositioning the unit we have had almost no weed growth at all. The boats on either side of us in the marina have to regularly scrub the waterline and really need a full clean & antifoul each year. With the added benefit of fuel efficiency the unit will have paid for itself in the first year. The product is working well.


12 August 2010