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Greenline 33 Hybrid ‘Wailohia’, Trieste, Northern Italy (Adriatic Sea).

“Since spring 2010 I have a Greenline 33 Hybrid with an Ultra 10 System (lying near Muggia/Trieste) and I am absolutely pleased by it. Using one layer of antifouling paint in the spring and the boat comes out of the water clean in the fall.  Neither staff of the builder nor of the dealer could believe it!

Greenline 33 Hybrid

Pictures can be quite deceiving but I find that these pictures show the benefit of the Ultrasonic Antifouling quite well and honestly, at least in the locations (near Trieste) and under the conditions (longer cruises to Croatia and Italy, but also longer time at berth in between) I am using the boat.  The pictures were taken right after the boat came out of the water last fall, i.e. obviously BEFORE the short wash-down that is customary was done.

I am now up-grading to a Greenline 40 Hybrid, so small wonder that now on the Greenline 40 we will install the Ultra 20 System.”

Juerg Ambuehl  (owner)