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Topaz 37 ‘Gigi II’ – Trinidad & Tobago Yacht Club, Caribbean

“Seeing the system installed on one vessel on another island, I researched the system and became interested immediately. After out hauling the Topaz 37 for the annual inspection, cleaning and application of new antifouling coating, I had the Ultrasonic Ultra 20 System installed by the local dealer Marc Telfer.

The location where the vessel is berthed, is in the Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club. The water here is generally very brackish as there is a high concentration of fresh water that comes from the nearby rivers. This creates there perfect environment for all types of marine growth which is a big problem here.

Normally the frequency to clean the hull of this vessel was up to 3 times a month, this is no longer needed. The vessel was launched in May 2010 and out hauled in June 2011 and the results were fantastic. The pictures speak a thousand words. I am very pleased with this product”

Mr Chongashing.

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