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Westerly Centaur ‘Wanderer’ – The Netherlands

I am the owner of a Westerly Centaur. For the last 10 years I have been scraping, rubbing down and applying antifoul paint every winter. The boat is kept in a salt water environment (marina) in the summertime for approx. 6 months, and out of the water on the hard for the winter.

I inadvertently mentioned ‘Ultrasonic antifouling’ in a family conversation last year, and much to my surprise got an ‘Ultrasonic 10’ kit as a Christmas present! I fitted the ultrasonic system last April, leaving the hull unpainted with the residue of the previous season’s antifoul paint still on, and the boat was put back in the water. The boat was lifted out last Tuesday and I was very pleased and relieved, to note that the hull was in excellent condition. The only signs of some growth were around the Prop and the Log.

Needless to say, I believe that I am now a convert to ‘ultrasonic’. I’m obviously not going to apply soft antifoul paint, should I apply a hard antifoul paint, with a view to renewing every 5 years or so? This is very hard to remove, so I believe!

I keep the boat at Wemeldinge, in the Netherlands.

Your advice would be very much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,
Mike Collier.


Wester Centaur 'Wanderer'

Wester Centaur ‘Wanderer’